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      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第1張圖片

      TEC H.C. Ørsted Gymnasium / Sweco Architects


      該項目以發現電磁學的丹麥科學家的名字命名,Sweco Architects事務所為位于哥本哈根西北部Lyngby的未來技術高中設計了這座8000平方米的體育館。設計目標是創造教學環境中積極的、不可或缺的建筑,一個能在日常生活中發揮正面以及綜合作用的建筑,一個能激發教師和學生靈感和好奇心的學習空間。H.C. Ørsted TEC的設計是為了適應教育實踐和理想的不斷轉變。例如,在整個設計階段,專注于建立不同的區域,支持主題和跨學科的工作,從而使建筑融入教育實踐的持續發展中。

      Text description provided by the architects. Named after the Danish scientist who discovered electromagnetism, Sweco Architects has designed the 8,000 sqm technical upper secondary school of the future located in Lyngby, northwest of Copenhagen. The ambition is to create a building that becomes an active and integral part of the teaching. A building that plays an active, integrated role on a daily basis; a learning space that sparks inspiration and curiosity in both teachers and students. H.C. Ørsted TEC is designed to adapt itself to the continuous transformation that characterizes educational practices and ideals. For example, throughout the design phase of the new building, we focused on establishing different zones and supporting thematic and interdisciplinary work, so that the ongoing development of educational practices is supported by and integrated into the architecture.

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第2張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第3張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第4張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第5張圖片

      主建筑:向Ørsted致敬。新的H.C. Ørsted體育館以多種方式向科學和丹麥物理學家、哲學家和科學家H.C. Ørsted致敬,他發現了電流產生磁場,揭示了電和磁之間關系。

      The main architectural device: An homage to Ørsted. In several ways, the new H.C. Ørsted Gymnasium pays homage to science and to the Danish physicist, philosopher, and scientist H.C. Ørsted, who is considered to be the one who discovered that electric currents create magnetic fields, which involves the strict connection that lies in between electricity and magnetism.

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第6張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第7張圖片


      The main architectural device in the new school is a stacked assembly of rounded, spatial volumes conveying a visual reference to electromagnetic coils. The coils, housing classrooms, labs, and meeting rooms, constitute the building’s interior structure and are also manifested in the facade, coming together to form a holistic solution. The coil feature thus provides a unifying theme that ties together the interior spaces and the expression of the facade. The heart of the building is a striking triple-height main hall, which varies in character throughout the day, as daylight is refracted at various angles by the louvered surfaces.

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第8張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第9張圖片


      The unique space offers a setting for the students to meet for social events. The specific placement of the coils on the different floors shapes learning environments, moving from a “dead-end” corridor system towards a both robust and flexible space. In this ever-changing atmosphere, the walls have to evolve and adapt too; they are no longer just an element of division of spaces, but incorporate functions such as storage, meeting spaces, and learning hubs. All of that is in order to support the vision of a dynamic space that can improve teamwork activities.

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第10張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第11張圖片

      1825年,H.C. Ørsted對化學做出了重大貢獻,他的研究使他首次通過氯化鋁的還原分離出鋁元素。因此,覆蓋外墻的金屬所選擇的材料也是對H.C. Ørsted所做的發現的另一種參考。它喚起了人們的好奇心,并成為刺激性的元素,促使人們質疑和理解科學世界中獨特的跨學科關系。

      In 1825, H.C. Ørsted made a significant contribution to chemistry and his studies allowed him to produce aluminum for the first time by isolating the element via a reduction of aluminum chloride. The material chosen for the lamellas covering the façade is therefore another reference to the incredible discoveries made by H.C. Ørsted. It evokes curiosity and is thought to be a stimulating element that drives future generations in questioning and understand the unique interdisciplinary relations in the scientific world.

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第12張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第13張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第14張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第15張圖片

      同一個建筑物的兩面。建筑設計的另一個特點是它的表達方式隨著位置的變化而變化。從繁忙的赫爾辛格高速公路上看,這座令人印象深刻的建筑是一個高聳的地標。但在另一側,建筑體量被縮小,以一種邀請的姿態面向位于鄰近場地的房屋。在東側,利用線圈設計來縮小建筑體量;在西側,創造了一面靈活的奇跡墻,旨在激發路人的好奇心?偟膩碚f,引發好奇心是H.C. Ørsted Gymnasium TEC的一貫主題,因為設計師希望不僅能在日常生活中激發學生的好奇心,同時也能激發看到建筑的游客和路人的好奇心。

      Two sides of the same building. Another characteristic feature of the design of the building is the way its expression varies with the vantage point. As seen from the busy Helsingør motorway, the impressive building is a towering landmark, while the building volume is scaled down in an inviting gesture toward the houses located on the adjacent site. Towards East, we have to use the coils to scale the building down, and towards West, we use them to create a living wall – a wonder wall – designed to spark the curiosity of passers-by. Overall, curiosity is a consistent theme for H.C. Ørsted Gymnasium TEC as we wish to inspire curiosity in the students on a daily basis as well as in visitors and passers-by who encounter the building.

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第16張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第17張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第18張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第19張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第20張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第21張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第22張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第23張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第24張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第25張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第26張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第27張圖片

      金屬線條與電磁場 | 丹麥HCØ體育館第28張圖片

      建筑設計:Sweco Architects
      面積:8800 m2
      攝影:Niels Nygaard, Kristian Holm
      制造商:Troldtekt, Paroc, Schüco
      工程團隊:WSP Norge, WSP
      景觀建筑:Thing Brandt Landskab
      客戶:TEC – Technical Education Copenhagen
      承包商:CC Contractors
      合作方:Anker Hansen

      Architects: Sweco Architects
      Area: 8800 m2
      Year: 2022
      Photographs: Niels Nygaard, Kristian Holm
      Manufacturers: Troldtekt, Paroc, Schüco
      Engineering Team: WSP Norge, WSP
      Landscape Architects: Thing Brandt Landskab
      Client: TEC – Technical Education Copenhagen
      Entrepreneur: CC Contractors
      Collaborators: Anker Hansen
      City: Lyngby
      Country: Denmark

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